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Bolingo Lyrics

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Bolingo Lyrics

Post by Glyrics on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:49 pm

Bolingo eh eh x2
Yeah yeah
Bolingo bolingo eh eh eh Bolingo eh eh eh eh eh
If e no be Chukwu tell me where you for dey o Chukwu
My blessing no be manmade
God don love me Holy Ghost pa me ego
Lai lai ti lai lai na baba God me I go follow
I love the way you dey do me
This kain love na waya eh
I never seen a love like this before the way you love me
I'll never ever leave or let you go
You be super! Eh
You turn my life around! You poured your love on me!
You gave me a song to sing! which kain love be this
If you like
E sare wa ke mujo
This kain love na waya x2
Oh Lord you are all that I know
Father you are the air that I breathe
The way you love me so you dey make me dance bonfo
This kain love na waya
This kain dance na fire
I go sing for you me I....... I go dance for you
This kain dance na waya
This kain dance na fire

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