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Shout Halleluyah Lyrics

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Shout Halleluyah Lyrics

Post by Glyrics on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:28 pm

Verse 1
Call: Glory, glory oo halleluyah
Res: Glory halleluyah
Call: You give me victory
Res: You give me victory o
Call: How can I repay
Res: How can I repay you
Call: Halleluyah se oo
Res: Halleluyah to you
Call:Let somebody shout halleluyah
Res: Halleluyah Amen
Call: Somebody shout halleluyah o
Shebi nah you dem show the mercy o
Shebi nah you dem give the key o
Oyah pkem pkem pkem halleluyah /2x
Somebody shout halleluyah oooo
Halleluyah to Jehovah
Verse 2
See as Hannah’s story change
Don dey hustle years te
Hannah pretty head to toe
Anointing sef start to flow (Anointing sef start to flow)
Ticky-tocky time dey go
Brother sef never show
Family worry friends dey worry ooo
She took her worry to the Lord
Wipe my tears change my story o
Remove my shame ooo nana (Glory to the Lord)
Brother Stephen don propose o
Repeat Chorus
If it hadn’t been for God where would I be
If it hadn’t been for Jehovah where would I be
Angels bow before you what a mighty God
Heaven and earth adore you what a mighty God
Call: Oya people people
Res: People
Call: I’d like to see o people
Res: People people
Call: Share testimony o
Res: People
Call: Of what the Lord has done for me oo
Res: People People
Call: I no fit talk am finish
Res: People
Turn labour to favour
He give me double honour Jehovah eh
Repeat Chorus

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